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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The End of Summer

One week from this coming Tuesday, my summer vacation will officially end (please observe a moment of silence for the death of staying up late to watch the end of Twins games, sleeping in, and working out whenever I want to.  Thank you).  So, to make sure I'm really tired and sore and sick of working out and am ready to sit in meetings and rest, here's what I have planned for this week:

Monday: morning oval skate, then into my classroom for a few hours to meet my student teacher, then a 90 minute Crossfit class in the evening (actually, it's an intro class so I'm assuming it won't be 90 minutes of working out.  Yes, I did an intro class at the first Crossfit place I went to (you know, the one I finally realized was too far from home).  Yes, the lift we were doing--it was cleans--in the "sample" class I tried at the new Crossfit place was something they'd just covered in my intro class at the other location.  Yes, despite this the trainer in the "sample" class had to spend much of his time hovering over me, vainly attempting to teach me how do do a proper clean.. Yes, he suggested I take the intro class at his Crossfit place even though I've already had an intro class.  Yes, it was a strong suggestion.  A very strong suggestion).
Tuesday:  Second session of the intro Crossfit class in the morning.  Then more time in my classroom getting ready for "workshop week" next week (workshop week is never actually enough time to get my classroom ready).  Then...sharpening my long track skates and packing, because on Wednesday I'm GOING TO MILWAUKEE TO SKATE!  Sorry--I'm just very excited.  It's an Olympic year, which means the Pettit will have ice a month earlier than usual...which means I get to skate before school starts!
Wednesday: Final intro Crossfit class, then jump into the car (all nice and sweaty) and head to Milwaukee. I may be carpooling with Mel's dad and Inliner Boy--hopefully they won't mind the smell.  Inliner and I will skate the evening long track session.  By this time, after two workouts and a five and a half hour drive, I will undoubtedly need pizza.  And maybe some ice cream.
Thursday:  Check out of the motel and then skate the morning long track session.  Since I no longer have a hotel room, kill four hours at the Pettit or nearby; I suspect there will be much foam rolling and eating of carbs during this time, and perhaps a nap.  Then skate the evening long track session, and then drive home.
Friday is a bit up in the air. It may involve a trip to the cabin, or it may just be a whole lot of recovering.  Either way, I plan to spend much of Friday in the seated position.

So...the last week of summer is looking pretty good!

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