photo by Steve Penland

Monday, July 9, 2012

I Don't Think It's Working Yet...

...the raised dose of Synthroid, I mean.  Friday's intervals were a bit better than I expected, but I cut the workout down a fair amount--it was supposed to be 3x 200/200 rest-400/400 rest--600/600 rest--800/8 min rest.  I cut it down by skipping two of the 800's, so it ended up to be quite a short workout.  But it went sort of OK--I actually had a couple of 42-second laps, which is faster than I've skated in a while.  I thought that maybe things were looking up.  But then I did a trail skate on Sunday with the Hubster and my sister Energizer Bunny and her husband Sherpa Boy (the guys biked while we skated).  It was only 10 miles, and I went super slow--Energizer Bunny blew by me again about one mile into the skate and I was trudging along on my own after that--but I was still totally wiped afterwards.  As in "drive home, get out of the car, walk upstairs into the bedroom, lie down on the bed and sleep for two-and-a-half-hours" wiped.

This is really getting old.  (Or maybe I am).

Anyway, along with the "tired" comes the "cranky" and the "I really don't care if my skinsuit doesn't fit, I'm crabby and I want another cookie, dammit." (And a cupcake.  And a PopTart.  Or two.)  Add to that the fact that the lab results that my doctor's assistant assured me on Thursday  (after telling me a week previously that she would do it , and then not doing it) that she had "just copied and dropped in the mail" have not yet arrived.  (Yes, that's horribly incomprehensible sentence structure.  I really don't care.  I'm cranky. (See what the Hubster and the dog have to put up with?)  Not that the lab results are critical for me to have, but I do like to know the numbers, and I've been waiting almost three weeks now...

So tomorrow is supposed to be a 4x6k workout.  The heatwave has broken and the weather looks nice, but I have a suspicion that it won't matter...I'm afraid there's a whole lot of "sucky" headed my way tomorrow morning.  I'll probably modify the workout to 4x4k, but if recent workouts have been anything of a predictor, I'll have trouble skating more than 3 laps in a row without standing up to rest my back; 4k is 10 laps, 6 is 15.  15 is not happening.  10 is looking iffy, as well.

Yes, I know there are a lot bigger problems out there than being slow, tired, fat, and cranky.  And I really shouldn't complain; at least I'm tired and cranky when I'm off for the summer instead of during the school year.

Still, I'm mighty sick of this.


  1. Kaari, everything you are describing symptomatically describes me as well! Well, some days are good days, but most of the time I am feeling the same way...and I find myself pulling fistfuls of sandwich cremes out of the cookie cabinet (that's right, CABINET. it also contains cereal and poptarts and wheat bread, for good measure...) Maybe I have the same problem as you! All I know is, I'M SICK OF IT TOO!!

  2. Hmm, maybe you need to get your thyroid checked! Or...have you thought more about our "overtraining" discussion? I know the kind of workouts you do!