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Sunday, April 6, 2014

And So It Begins...

The 2014-15 season, I mean.  Or, it will begin on Wednesday.  Unless you count CrossFit, then it will begin tomorrow.

Whatever...I'm very excited!

I'd be more excited it we hadn't just gotten another eight or so inches of snow last week...I'm dying to get out on the inlines.  But still, the start of the season is the start of the season and you can't beat that.

I just got back from four days at my parents' place up on Lake Superior.  As promised, here are the dog and lake pictures:
Three of my parents' four dogs, doing what they usually do.

And the fourth, doing what she usually does--sitting on a chair atop a stuffed moose, staring at the deer (you can just see one to the right of her head).

And here's the lake--sunrise on our East beach

OK, now that we've got that out of the way, here's how the season looks.

I'm thinking the season should get off to a good start.  Thanks to the SISU challenge I'm 10 pounds lighter than I've been in almost 10 years.  I'm eating better, and I've done more workouts in March than I ever have before (14 "real" workouts versus last year's 3), but since they were all varied CrossFit workouts (and a couple of runs), my legs had plenty of recovery time and I'm feeling ready for dryland. True, I have a left arm/shoulder pain right now (probably from trying too long and too hard--and unsuccessfully--to master the Toes to Bar maneuver), but since you don't use your left arm much in skating I'm not too concerned.

So tomorrow I have CrossFit, Tuesday no workout because I'm going to the doctor to get my thyroid levels checked, then the real workouts start Wednesday.  I get to do short track again Wednesday morning because I happen to be going to a workshop fairly close to the short track rink.  Then in the evening, we have the first real dryland of the season for me:  Mel Mania.  My friend Melissa has been running a dryland group on Wednesday nights (the chick does not have the word "rest" in her vocabulary!), and Sprinter Boy went a couple weeks ago and said he was so sore he could hardly type afterwards. I may need to play the "old lady" card and cut back on some of the dryland that they'll be doing.  Then another CrossFit on Thursday or Friday, then another dryland on Saturday. I also need to do a recovery workout (skating, biking or rowing) once a week, and I'd like to do at least one brisk trail skate a week, when the snow melts.

And that's how April looks--two CrossFits, two drylands, and a couple skates a week.  Should be interesting to see how it goes!

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