photo by Steve Penland

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Off-Season

Now that it's officially the off-season (mine will last through the first week in April), what's a skater to do?

Well, thus far I'm:

  • waiting to hear the final word from a cardiologist on the Holter monitor results
  • trying to clean up my eating so I'll be able to fit into my pants post-5-weeks-off
  • marveling at the fact that my fellow skaters (as per their Facebook posts) are apparently on the opposite diet plan, and are now eating everything they've been denying themselves throughout the skating season
  • nursing the arm I hurt this morning slipping and falling on ice at work.  Apparently if I don't have skates on, I shouldn't be on ice
  • watching TV in the evenings. I actually get to see network shows on the night they are broadcast
  • going to bed at 9:00 since I'm no longer just arriving home from practice at 9:45
  • thinking wistful thoughts about the season just past
So far, that's about it.  I'll start doing some casual workouts next week--slow inlining at the Metrodome (or whatever they're calling it these days) and maybe some yoga.  I have this week completely off from any workouts, but I'll need to do some easy stuff a couple of times a week after that just to keep in the working-out routine--and to keep my sanity and good mood! So there should be a thing or two to blog about in the upcoming off-month...


  1. i noticed the same thing about the diet plan, huh! ;)

  2. Yeah, unfortunately I seem to be sliding towards the "eat everything in sight because it's the off-season" plan, much as I try not to. Damn you, PopTarts!