photo by Steve Penland

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yeah, 14 days and I'm still sick.  I probably have a sinus infection, which I usually get antibiotics for, but it finally seems to be getting better so I'm holding off on the antibiotics this time.  I've gone through enough Sudafed in the past two weeks that the pharmacist is probably going to refuse to sell me any more next time I go in, though.  Still haven't done any workouts in those 14 days except the one trail skate the weekend before last.  The only physical skills I've been honing in the past two weeks have been my nose blowing talents (why yes, yes, I am a joy to be around lately, thanks for asking).  I went through an entire "industrial quality" box of Kleenex, the kind my school district provides for us for our classrooms--about 125 40-grit sheets-- in about four days last week.  So then I bought a nice jumbo-sized box of 300 sheets of soft, fluffy Puffs...and it's now three-quarters gone too.  This has led to quite a bit of work for my poor students.  My students are kids in grades K-5 who have cognitive disabilities.  They are sweet and compassionate and very well-mannered; a sneeze never fails to elicit a heartfelt "Bless You!" from at least two or three of them.  Unfortunately, my students have not yet learned to discriminate which bodily functions merit a blessing, so every sneeze, cough...and met with a "Bless You." I've been keeping my kids so busy blessing me that it's a wonder they're getting any work done!

On the plus side, the oval will be opening any day now; my ears are becoming unplugged and I can finally turn the TV down to normal levels; I bought a new pair of inline skates, and I'm just waiting for the frames to be shipped and to get the boots heat-molded before I try them out on the trails; and my chiropractor cut back the list of stretches/exercises he wants me to do--twice a day--by about two-thirds.  So things are looking up...


  1. I can't wait to hear about your new inline skates! I hope you feel better soon. Sinus infections are brutal!

  2. Thanks, Sharon! Yeah, now I'm not sure this one is actually leaving...I was back on the Sudafed this morning, and just bought a new jumbo box of Puffs for my classroom. I'm giving it until Monday, and then I go for the antibiotics... I'll let you know how the skates work--I want some bigger wheels so I can keep up with people on the trail (and in the road races, which I might do a few of this summer...).