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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Missed Photo Opportunity

Dang!  I just realized that I missed a great photo opp!  I had my camera in my bag, but I just wasn't thinking...

Today, when Mel and I skated, we got to share the track, not Skate Park Punks Patrons.  Not a team of little figure skaters.  Not even a team of little hockey players doing dryland, although there was one of those--fortunately they stayed off the oval and on the grass.  No, we got to share the track with...

...two construction workers, two pallets full of "Skateboard Park Obstacles in a Box," and a bright green forklift.

(Imagine picture of bright green forklift here.)

When I first saw the pallets, I had the faint hope that perhaps the Oval staff would be constructing a fence between the Oval and the skatepark.  Or maybe a cage.  I'm pretty sure that they were just adding skatepark obstacles, though.  Bummer.

And the stuff really wasn't in the way (well, since Mel usually skates outside of me because she's much faster, she had to dodge the forklift every lap, but it really wasn't a problem for me).  On my second-to-last interval, though, my oxygen-deprived delirium caused me to think that I saw the stationary forklift moving across the track in front of me.  Flinching on inline skates at 80% of top speed is not recommended, but fortunately I've had a lot of practice (you know, since I tend to overreact to everything that might possibly be in my way) and I didn't even come close to crashing.  And since my heart rate was probably already at 200, well, there was no room for that to elevate, either.

Just another day at the track.  But next time I'll take pictures.

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