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Monday, December 26, 2011

A Cabin Christmas--Day 2

Day 2 of our cabin Christmas.  My sister Energizer Bunny and her husband Sherpa Boy (and their two cats) arrived last night, and things have settled into a nice routine: Stoke the wood stove.  Eat.  Read.  Eat.  Stoke the wood stove (when heating with wood, it's advantageous to be staying with a couple of middle-aged women who have to get up multiple times during the night to go to the bathroom--no need for the menfolk to bestir themselves to stoke the fire in the middle of the night!).  Eat.  Talk. Eat. Wash dishes from eating.  Eat.  Cook.  Eat.

We broke the routine a couple of times to check out the wave action:
And to go for a walk, down the beach, up the Superior Hiking Trail, and back down the highway to the cabin:
The four-mile walk served the dual purpose of burning off the breakfast French Toast casserole...
That's a lot of food for 4 medium-sized people! 
And not to worry; that's a Caffeine Free Diet Dew I've got there.
Yes, for breakfast.  Be quiet. well as making room for lunch--which in my case was leftover Little Smokies from breakfast and leftover apple crisp from last night's dessert.

So clearly, it's time to head home tomorrow--and not only because a couple more days of eating like this would probably necessitate a skinsuit upsize.  In addition to that, the Death Valley bed we're sleeping on is starting to affect my back, and the cats are starting to affect my asthma--particularly this black-and-white fellow, affectionately known as "DanderBomb."
Yes, "DanderBomb" only has three legs. He's a stray that Energizer Bunny and Sherpa Boy rescued when he showed up at their door injured many winters ago.  He was so charmingly friendly and playfully, even when horribly hurt, that the vet agreed to operate on him at a greatly reduced rate.  Unfortunately, "charmingly friendly and playful when horribly hurt" segued into "feisty little rabble-rouser when healthy," and so DanderBomb's real name is Sh*t Head," or "Shi Thead" when he's in polite company.  So "DanderBomb" is actually an upgrade.

Anyway, tomorrow it's the drive home, followed by a workout at the Oval.  It's the first night of two weeks of  tapering to get ready for my big meet.

And I've already got the carbo-loading done, so I'm one step ahead!

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