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Saturday, November 26, 2011

5 Days Off

I have 5 days off skating for the holiday weekend, because the Hubster (and Keira) and I are visiting my "snowbird" parents in northwestern Arkansas.  There are not a lot of opportunities for skating in northwestern Arkansas.  (I know I could do dryland.  My hip and leg hurt when I do dryland.  So shut up).  My only exercise since Wednesday night has been going for walks with the Hubster, my parents, and our collective four dogs; fending off the "MinPin Avalanche" that greets me every morning when I step out of the spare bedroom at my parents' house; getting up from the table to get more food; and surfing the net.  Couple this with two 10-hour days of driving (you do remember that I get 75 Miles Per PopTart, right?  10 hours of driving equals a lot of PopTarts), and I may need to let out my skinsuit before next week's American Cup races.  Maybe I'll remove the jackets that are hanging from my dad's exercise bike and spin a some stretches and PT exercises...I suppose I could even risk aggravating my hip/hamstring/back and do a little dryland...

Or I could just eat a couple more cookies.

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